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  • Myles Kleinfeld 2014

    Combating Microagressions

    As the fight for LGBTQ rights continues to build steam on the national stage, our society continues to struggle with the day-to-day vilification of sexual minorities. The UN’s 2015 ‘Born Free And Equal’ report details just how widespread discrimination and violence against the LGBT community …

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  • Mexico Training

    Training HIV Counselors in Mexico City

    In December, the Alliance Health Project’s Publications and Training Unit, which conducts face-to-face and online trainings for mental health and health care providers, completed its first international training! Although over the past 30 years, AHP Executive Director James Dilley has provided training and technical assistance …

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  • AHP Staff and Pride 2013

    Looking Back at 2013

    A Year at the Alliance Health Project Significant advances in LGBTQ civil rights and HIV treatment made 2013 a landmark year for our communities and with your support, AHP successfully provided LGBTQ-affirming mental health and substance abuse services. For example: 450 clients were helped during …

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