Support and Therapy Groups

Group support is at the foundation of AHP’s model for emotional health and wellness, and AHP has pioneered support groups that respond to a range of physical and mental health and substance abuse concerns.

Building community, reducing isolation,
sharing concerns, discovering new perspectives

Research shows that group treatment can be just as effective as individual therapy. Support groups offer opportunities to both give and receive support from peers, improve interpersonal relationships, and grow as an individual.

AHP groups vary in terms of the number of weeks they last, who facilitates them, and what lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) or HIV-related topics they address:

  • Length: drop-in groups; time-limited groups; and ongoing groups;
  • Type and Facilitation: volunteer-facilitated peer groups that support people living with HIV; clinician-led groups that address significant mental health concerns; educational groups that build coping skills
  • Topics: living with HIV; depression and anxiety; aging; substance abuse; trauma; returning to work after being on disability; and transgender support
Group Eligibility
Joining a Group

Complete List of AHP Groups

Groups for the LGBTQ Community
Groups for People Living with HIV
Groups for People Concerned about Substance Use

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