Racing to the Finish Line

Slow and steady wins the race! For the first time, the iconic LGBT running club, San Francisco FrontRunners has selected AHP to be the sole beneficiary of its 38th Annual Pride Run fundraiser. Join us on Saturday, June 24, in Golden Gate Park to run or to cheer on the runners, whose entrance fees fund SFFR’s donation to AHP. It’ll be a good warm-up for Sunday’s Pride Parade, when AHP will again march.

This is not the first time AHP has benefited from SFFR’s generosity—in 2005, AHP was a joint beneficiary with Family Builders by Adoption—but it is the first time we’ve been the sole recipient. And it’s all due to the commitment of two friends of AHP’s—Art for AIDS planning and host committee member Andrew Chandler and research collaborator Tim Allen, both active SFFR members. Chandler has long played an integral role in ensuring the success of Art for AIDS. Allen, who has worked with AHP for 15 years, has helped us prove the efficacy of our clinical approaches, calls AHP “the best.” At SFFR, Allen has championed AHP and, for the third year in a row, AHP LGBTQ Community Liaison DK Haas pitched our programs to the FrontRunners membership. Turns out three is a charm.

San Francisco FrontRunners was founded in 1974 to fill the unoccupied niche in San Francisco gay community: a rare space outside of the bar scene where members could meet, be active, and spend time with other gay folks. Over the years, SFFR grew to attract a hundred regular participants, inclusive of people across the gender spectrum, and their families. Currently, SFFR organizes four runs/walks per week. Beyond social running, FrontRunners attend community events together and volunteer at other philanthropic athletic events such as the San Francisco Marathon. The Pride Run tradition stretches back almost four decades and brings together up to 500 participants. LGBTQ folks and allies can run or walk and can choose a 5k or 10k race. Past beneficiaries have included Larkin Street Youth Services, Lyon Martin Health Services, and LYRIC; last year, the event raised $15,000 to help Open House create housing for LGBTQ seniors.

This year, former race director and SFFR vice president, Reggie Snowden was impressed with AHP’s presentation: “DK was outstanding.” But Snowden explained that the choice arose out of familiarity with AHP’s HIV testing, care and mental health service history, which “really speaks to [SFFR’s] membership.”

To learn more about the run, go to; registration will open in May. To volunteer in support of AHP at the Pride Run, contact Jose Portillo at