PCC Post Training Support Study


About Us

We are a team of trainers and researchers, including James Dilley, MD, the Principal Investigator of the original studies that showed that PCC works; Tim Allen and Peter Loeb, co-authors and designers of the original PCC manual and counselor training; Martha Shumway, a mental health researcher; Michelle Cataldo, Francisco Nanclares, and other Alliance Health Project staff. This study is supported by the National Institute of Mental Health, grant number 2 R44 MH099917, and conducted by Allen/Loeb Associates in collaboration with the Alliance Health Project in the UCSF Department of Psychiatry.

About the Study

The immediate goal of the study is to assist counselors by providing user-friendly, time-saving support over the phone and the Internet. The results will give us information about which kinds of support work best, and help us incorporate the feedback of PCC counselors to design effective, practical ways to support HIV prevention counselors after training.

The study is in its second phase. In the first phase, we found that it was feasible to create and provide telephone and web-based support to PCC counselors after training. Participants told us that they found the support useful and easy to access. 

In this second phase, we are conducting a randomized controlled trial, comparing methods of providing support using three groups. One group will receive written information about how to do PCC from a web site, another group will be offered videos on-line about how to do PCC in addition to the written information, and a third group will have access to person-to-person support over the phone (or Skype or Facetime) in addition to watching videos and receiving written information.

Who Can Participate?

If you have been trained in PCC and plan to implement it at your agency, you are eligible to participate in the study. Participation involves being assigned to one of the three groups and being paid to complete three surveys. You will be paid $50 after completing the first survey, $50 after completing the second survey, and $75 after completing the third survey. People who complete all three surveys will receive $175.

Interested in Participating?

Please e-mail us at pccsupport@allen-loeb.com or call us at (833) PCC-SUPP or (833) 722-7877.