UCSF Phone Study

Our team at UCSF is doing a study of confidential, non-judgmental counseling delivered over the telephone. The counseling session is called Personalized Cognitive Counseling — PCC for short. When the session is done on the phone, it’s called TelePCC. If you agree to be in this study, you will participate in a TelePCC session on your phone.

More About the Phone Study

Participating in the study involves a phone conversation with a counselor that lasts up to 40 minutes: 10 minutes to explain the study and ask for your consent and 30 minutes to talk about a recent time you had unprotected sex.

If you participate, you will complete 2 web-based surveys—one right after the call, and one 3 months later. Each survey takes about 20 minutes. You’ll be paid $20 for completing the first survey and $40 for the second. You can also take part in a phone interview to tell us about your experience and be paid another $30. (The total payment for completing all three steps is $90). You can withdraw from the study at any time.

You can be in the study if you are:

  • age 18 or older
  • a man who has sex with men
  • have not tested positive for HIV
  • since your last HIV test, have had anal intercourse, unprotected by a condom or PrEP, with a male who you weren’t sure was negative.

If you are interested in participating in the study:

Call 833-TELEPCC (833-835-3722) at one of these times:

  • Monday 5pm–7pm
  • Tuesday 5pm–7pm
  • Wednesday 1pm–3pm
  • Thursday 9:30am–11:30 am

Please call when you have about 40 minutes of free time and can talk in a private place without being overheard.


The project is supported by the National Institute of Mental Health and is conducted by University of California, San Francisco with Allen/Loeb Associates. UCSF Principal Investigator: James W. Dilley, MD.