Past Research Studies and Publications

AHP has participated in many studies in the past. Among the most significant of these are the Promoting Safer Sex Practices Study, the Changing Sexual Behavior Study, and the HIV Oral Transmission (HOT) Study, all three of which were collaborations among researchers from AHP, the UCSF Center for AIDS Prevention Studies (CAPS), and the San Francisco Department of Public Health.

Adapting Personalized Cognitive Counseling (PCC) to drinking in gay and bisexual men

Investigators: James W. Dilley, MD, Martha Shumway
Research Assistants: Emily Martin, Jaspreet Uppal, Lindsey Williams
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Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness
Training for Lesbians and Queer Women

Investigators: Danielle Schlosser, PhD, James W. Dilley, MD, and Martha Shumway, PhD
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ACT on HIV Stigma

Investigator: Matthew D. Skinta, PhD
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Late Testers Study

Investigators: Sandra Schwarcz, MD, MPH and
James W. Dilley, MD
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PositiveQuit Study

Investigator: Gary Humfleet, PhD
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The Red Studies:
Developing Personalized Cognitive Counseling

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Red 1 Study: Promoting Safer Sex Practices Among High-Risk Repeat HIV Testers in San Francisco: 1997–2000
Red 2 Study: Changing Sexual Behavior Among Gay Men Who Test Repeatedly for HIV: 2002–2004
“Red Plus” Study
Replicating Effective Behavioral Interventions: Implementing Personalized Cognitive Counseling

The HIV Oral Transmission Study (HOT): 1998–2003

Investigator: Kimberly Page-Shafer, PhD
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