Substance Abuse Counseling and Case Management Services (LGBTQ)

The AIDS and Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) provides a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) supportive environment for LGBTQ people—with or without HIV—seeking to address the impact of substance use on their ability to create meaningful and constructive lives. ASAP offers individual substance abuse counseling, limited case management, and group support services. ASAP applies a harm reduction model—which it began using in 1985—toward ensuring the health and wellness of our clients.

Individual Counseling

ASAP counselors employ a harm reduction approach to substance use counseling. We tailor sessions to focus on the issues that impact a particular client’s ability to manage their substance use.

Group Support

ASAP offers a weekly drop-in group for individuals who want to discuss their substance use and potential harm reduction goals and a Creative Arts support group, where clients explore their relationship to their substance use through activities such as art, movement, and meditation. We also run a number of off-site groups at substance use treatment facilities in San Francisco. In addition, AHP offers a variety of other Support and Therapy Groups.

Assertive Case Management

ASAP provides case management services to men who have sex with men who are HIV-positive or at risk of getting HIV and are having trouble getting primary medical, mental health, and substance abuse treatment in San Francisco. Case managers facilitate intensive interactions with clients to help them adhere to treatment, obtain stable housing, and link to other health and social services.

Obtaining ASAP Services

For more information about ASAP services, please call 415-476-3902 and ask to speak with the triage clinician on duty.

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