Growing Beyond Disparity: An LGBTQ Mental Health Symposium

claudia-smallGrowing Beyond Disparity: LGBTQ Mental Health Symposium to Report Latest Findings at UCSF Alliance Health Project

SAN FRANCISCO —The Alliance Health Project (AHP) will convene “Growing Beyond Disparity,” a statewide day-long LGBTQ mental health symposium, on August 2, 2014 at University of California, San Francisco’s Mission Bay campus. At a time when LGBTQ rights are front and center in the news, nine leaders in the field of LGBTQ health and mental health will share current research findings on LGBTQ mental health disparities and outcomes and approaches to resolve these disparities.

The extraordinary team of researchers includes: UCSF’s own trans-health expert, Jae Sevelius, PhD, presenting “Caring for the Mental Health of Transgender People”; UCLA faculty member Susan Cochran, PhD, MS, and BRITE Center Director and professor Vickie Mays PhD, MSPH, presenting “A Population Perspective on Sexual Orientation, Mental Health and Substance Use”; Ilan Meyer, PhD, of the UCLA Williams Institute, presenting “Is Sexual Minority Stress Theory the Answer to Understanding LGBT Disparities?”; Rafael Diaz, PhD, presenting “Inequality, Discrimination and Mental Health in the LGBT Community”; Gregory Herek, PhD, of UC Davis will be discussing “Stigma and the Mental Health of Sexual Minorities: Looking Back, Thinking Ahead”; and San Diego State Professor of Women’s Studies Esther Rothblum, PhD, presenting “Comparing LGBT and Heterosexual/Cisgender Siblings: Are There Mental Health Disparities?”

For 30 years, AHP has both provided culturally competent LGBTQ-affirming mental health services and sought out and disseminated emerging research in this area. The symposium continues this tradition by gathering together leading LGBTQ mental health and substance abuse researchers and an audience of patient and family care researchers and providers. Holding this symposium continues the Alliance Health Project’s standing at the forefront of LGBTQ mental health and wellness treatment and care.

“Too many members of the LGBTQ community are marginalized and underserved,” said AHP Executive Director, James Dilley, MD, who along with pioneering psychologist Steve Morin, PhD will discuss next steps in LGBT research at the symposium. “The result is that they are disproportionately affected by poor outcomes, illness, substance use, violence, and homelessness. These health disparities may be hidden by the social progress of same-sex marriage, the overturning of DOMA, and the end of legal discrimination in the military, but they have the power to undermine important achievements in equality and law. The symposium is one step to bring this discrepancy into public consciousness.”

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