Justice For All

AHP at Pride Parade

AHP stands for justice

We stand in opposition to any form of discrimination and we, and the staff, interns, and volunteers of AHP, have worked tirelessly to care for and embrace people who are marginalized. The recent actions of the new administration—to build walls and to limit travel, and to prevent refugees and immigrants, in particular, Muslim people, from seven countries from entering the United States—directly contradict our mission, principles, and practices.

Our clinic serves as a respite of healing for sexual and gender minorities and people with HIV/AIDS, many of whom are immigrants, religious minorities, and people of color. We will continue to provide exceptional care to our clients, no matter where they are from. Our goals are simple:

  • Decrease health disparities within the LGBTQ and HIV-affected communities
  • Provide high quality mental health services and substance use counseling based on the most effective interventions
  • Employ a diverse and culturally competent staff to ensure our diverse client base flourishes, and create a workplace that supports diversity and cultural competence
  • Translate our frontline expertise and our research findings into interventions, publications, and trainings that amplify the effect of our activities beyond our local community

Fortunately, AHP exists within a sanctuary city, and within an institution, the University of California, whose leadership including UC President Janet Napolitano and UCSF Chancellor Sam Hawgood, that stand with our goals: we will fight for immigrants, refugees, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer people, religious minorities, people of color and anyone who is in search of freedom from persecution.  

Please stay alert and engaged. If you can, support organizations that act as a strong voice for immigrants, refugees, and queer people. Call and write your representatives. Volunteer. Above all be kind to one another.

Lori and Jim