Why We Give 2014

a4a donor quote squareAHP’s heroes—our donors—tell us that giving to AHP makes them feel good about themselves. Back at you: when we get a donation, we appreciate the support—it helps us offer counseling, support groups, HIV testing, crisis mental health services, and more, to people who really need it and can’t afford it—but we also recognize that a donation is a pledge toward community and the feeling of connection. As our donors—our heroes—tell us, our $30 on the 30th monthly pledge program offers AHP and donors alike a regular dose of good feeling and keeps donors connected to clients and AHP connected to donors. And as our monthly donors agree that a small pledge feels more financially manageable than one lump sum, monthly pledges provide AHP with peace of mind and AHP programs with consistent, reliable support that ensures we can effectively plan our services over the long term.

Making a monthly pledge is easy, and can make a big difference in the lives of our LGBTQ and HIV-affected clients. Our clients seek our support because they need help; help to end isolation, help with a drug or alcohol problem, help talking about some of their scary thoughts, help dealing with illness and wellness and sustaining productive lives in the face of enormous challenges. Join us in providing concrete and effective services that improve their lives by adding your name to our list of monthly donors, heroes like the ones quoted here:

My monthly pledge to AHP makes me feel more connected. Thirty dollars seems a small amount [given] the amazing work AHP does.
—Judy Ahrens

I support AHP’s mission, particularly [because AHP] is connected with UCSF . . .  Because of this connection, I feel more confident that that my donations will most likely be applied in a higher percentage to the specific communities being supported, rather than [going toward] management overhead. I feel like my 30 on the 30th donation supports the monthly cash flow planning of AHP. I can set up a scheduled payment, which, with my bad memory ensures that I don’t forget to make the donation that I want to make.

 I’m involved because I’m a mental health clinician myself – I’m a psychologist – and I’m also a member of the LGBTQ community. I think the work AHP does is really important. It’s a great organization and the services are broad enough to serve a lot of different people. 30 on the 30th is an innovative donation idea. It’s manageable and that’s why I do it.
—Patricia Cummings

I like the people that work [at AHP] and the work that they do: the staff at AHP are dedicated. I am connected to the HIV community and the LGBTQ community. I’ve had friends who have passed away from AIDS and I also worked at AHP. Being a part of both communities makes the work at AHP close to home. The idea of giving to something I believe in on a regular basis is great. I feel really blessed. I’m in a place to appreciate what I have—I want to give back!
—Dee Hampton

I support mental health and wellness and am a long-term HIV survivor. And I believe in the mission of AHP. I give a monthly pledge because I can contribute in a way that makes little difference to me, and a lot of difference to them.

Our involvement in AHP all began 19 years ago when AHP was a fledgling organization. We decided we needed to participate in an organization that supported people living with HIV/AIDS. Each of us has lived through and lost so many to the AIDS epidemic. Once the Art for AIDS auctions began, we wanted to sponsor in a big way. It’s always a pleasure to hear how much money was raised for the cause and our friends look forward to attending every year, and they frequently purchase art! It’s a great way to get our friends involved, with the art, the atmosphere, and the charity behind it all.
Whitney Davis and Benny Garcia

The charity behind it all: the feeling and the organization; that’s what we can offer you. Please consider joining these folks and AHP by making a monthly pledge that you can feel as good about as we feel about you. Oh yeah, and about February; it’s a strange little month, so we treat it strangely and pretend that it has 30 days!