Welcome Eduardo Hernandez!

Eduardo Hernandez at AHP

During his time at San Francisco State University, Eduardo Hernandez wanted to become a teacher: he dreamed of being a leader, a communicator of ideas, an agent of social change. Hernandez’s passion for social­ justice—particularly surrounding anti-war and anti-racism issues—is part of his very core. But when, seeking a therapist, he had difficulty finding queer clinicians of color, his commitment to social change found a new home: Hernandez decided to become a therapist after his trouble trying to find a therapist of color who was queer.

In 2014 Hernandez completed AHP’s clinical internship, along with an MA in Counseling Psychology from the Wright Institute. The internship is a year-long traineeship that helps clinicians become skilled in HIV and LGBT-affirming mental health care. And this year, fortuitously, AHP hired Hernandez as a Clinical Social Worker.

Hernandez is passionate about helping people get the help they deserve. Therapists, he says, have a duty to serve as the “least invasive gatekeeper” as clients seek to reach their greatest potential. Hernandez said that while working at AHP, he would also like to develop his skills providing gender-affirming mental health services to clients who are gender non-conforming. He also wants to help underserved communities of color by providing for clients who seek LGBTQ people of color as therapists. Finally Eduardo is excited to expand the Spanish language mental health services at AHP.

Like most of us, and particularly as a queer Latino man, Hernandez has experienced his own psychological traumas. He said that his process of working through these traumas has been a necessary component of his learning curve, in addition to his formal education. As a therapist, Hernandez fully acknowledges that “no one has a monopoly on trauma” – not even clinicians themselves! He understands that, at the end of the day, every one has issues and challenges. Hernandez thinks it’s vital that therapists work on themselves in order to provide the necessary support for their clients. He is also passionate about continuing to work within his community.

We are honored to have Eduardo at AHP!