Considering a Return to Work or School

The Considering Work Project (CWP) offers psychological and emotional support for for people with HIV or people with disabling mental illness who are considering a return to work, school, or other activity after being on long-term disability or out of the workforce.

Goal-Oriented Therapy

CWP offers up to 20 weekly sessions of individual goal-oriented therapy to help identify and overcome barriers to transitioning back to work or other activity. For example, individuals confront issues such as depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and challenges related to balancing activity and limits related to health.

Support Group

CWP also conducts a 14-week support group to help people face and explore a similar range of concerns with their peers in a safe and nurturing environment.

Obtaining CWP Services

If you are just beginning to contemplate the possibility of returning to school or work or are actively involved in searching for a job or applying to schools, the Considering Work Project may be right for you. For more information, call 415-476-3902 and ask to speak with the triage clinician on duty.