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  • Patrick Walsh portrait

    Spotlight on Patrick Walsh

    There is perhaps no name as synonymous with Art for AIDS as Patrick Walsh, even though you might not realize it. Walsh is most famous for his voice and his wit and, more prosaically, his amazing time management skills as an auctioneer. All of this …

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    Artist Spotlight: Daniel Diaz-Tai

    Few people can say that bad handwriting led them to art. But it was the memory of his father’s handwriting assignments—page after page of calligraphic practice—that led to a breakthrough when Daniel Diaz-Tai was studying graphic design as an adult. A requisite calligraphy class was “a …

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  • Rendell Photo For Blog

    Artist Spotlight: Jon Rendell

    “Participating was a no-brainer,” artist Jon Rendell declared, clarifying his original decision to donate work to Art for AIDS. “As a member of the LGBTQ (and arts) community,” AHP was a natural focus of attention for artists seeking to make a difference. Ten years later, …

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  • A4A 2016 Blog Image 1

    Art for AIDS 2016

    Art for AIDS was conceived in 1996, the creation of a group of artists in search of a way to help a community ravaged by AIDS. Coincidentally, there was a second hope-laden event in 1996: effective HIV treatment began to turn the epidemic around, especially …

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  • CeCe Small

    CeCe McDonald: A Force to Reckon With

    AHP hosted a talk with activist and speaker CeCe McDonald who was joined by Ina Fried, Senior Editor of Re/Code. The atmosphere was festive and vibrant, as guests poured into Twitter’s Aviary and enjoyed the mid-Market view and a bountiful spread of food and drinks provided …

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  • Jerry Frost

    Jerry Frost: Artist and Donor

    “I grew up instinctively knowing that the world beyond my hometown, church, and family was very different from what I was experiencing in Louisville, Kentucky,” artist and Art for AIDS donor Jerry Frost recounts, adding that one of his early memories was of speaking out …

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