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Art for AIDS—October 20

San Francisco Community, Art, and AHP – Art for AIDS celebrates 21 years!

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October 20, 2017

If ever there were a time for community organizations to take a stand for LGBTQ and HIV/AIDS civil rights, it is now. The Alliance Health Project, one of San Francisco’s leading community based LGBTQ and HIV mental health organizations, invites you to join us in a celebration with a purpose. Art for AIDS, AHP’s primary fundraiser and one of the city’s cherished events, ensures that AHP, through its programs, resists oppression and exclusion and insists on community and coalition building.

Join AHP staff and volunteers on Friday, October 20 for the 21st annual Art for AIDS, starting at 6:00 pm at the City View at Metreon. Energetic bidding ensures that our HIV and LGBTQ community members, particularly those at greatest risk, can benefit from AHP’s behavioral and mental health care. At—where you can already buy some amazing art—learn why Art for AIDS is famous not only for the significance of its cause but also for the excellence of its artworks.

Over the years Art for AIDS has attracted donations of the works of important artists such as Hung Liu, Silvia Poloto, Carolyn Meyer, Gustavo Ramos Rivera, Lucky Rapp, and Ryan Reynolds, along with works from prominent Bay Area galleries and collectors. This year, live and silent auctions include 198 artworks, painting, photography, mixed media, and sculpture by artists such as Catherine Mackey, Fernando Reyes, Heather Wilcoxon, and Tim Yankosky.

Art for AIDS is not just about HIV and LGBTQ mental health and not just about art. Guests also experience tasty bites, cocktails charged with El Rio flair, magnificent wines and a beautiful view of the city and Yerba Buena gardens, and the company of more than 800 supporters, art patrons, and community philanthropists.

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Since 1984, AHP has served the community with free HIV testing, education, counseling, and mental health and behavioral health services. During that time AHP has reached more than 250,000 LGBTQ and HIV-affected clients. Further, AHP has trained more than 80,000 health professionals, educators, and students to achieve the goals consistent with our mission: to support the mental health and wellness of the LGBTQ and HIV-affected communities in constructing healthy and meaningful lives. Please visit for more information about the Alliance Health Project.

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