AHP Now & Annual Report Flip Test

Welcome to the inaugural issue of AHP Now, our new semiannual newsletter for our stakeholders: clients, funders and donors, providers at other community agencies, volunteers, and staff. Twice a year, we’ll report to you on our activities. And once a year, we’ll include our annual financial report, plus an update from our directors. Here’s an excerpt from this issue’s letter from Executive Director Jim Dilley and Director Lori Thoemmes:

Our mission is to help people heal, people who face emotional, social, and mental health challenges, who need experts to help them negotiate crisis. This is our story of how we took a risk, based on our history and philosophy, to build our response to the escalating need for LGBTQ behavioral health care.

Thank you all for being key stakeholders in AHP’s history and future.

Use the link on the right to download a PDF.