From the Directors: 30 Years of AHP

When the UCSF AIDS Health Project (AHP) started in the spring of 1984, our goal was to meet the mental health needs of SFGH patients and their loved ones. It was not long before it became clear that we also needed to help HIV-negative people remain free of infection. Over the years, AHP, recognizing the epidemic’s devastating psychological as well as physical impact, was among the first organizations to emphasize mental health and wellness and to provide emotional support, peer support, and therapy to HIV-positive and HIV-negative people and their families and communities.

AHP Staff - 1984

AHP Staff – 1984

As the Alliance Health Project looks toward the future, we know that the HIV epidemic is far from over. We also know that the communities we serve suffer from other epidemics of stigma and stress. Too many of our clients are marginalized, uninsured, and under-served, and the result is that they are disproportionately affected by mental illness, substance use, violence, and homelessness when compared to the general population. So despite the fact that in 1984, we imagined that AHP would be gone, along with AIDS, within a few years, we now pledge to be here for the next 30 years. We know that the mental health challenges for the communities we serve do not start or end with HIV so we will continue to provide culturally competent care to help all of our clients achieve health and wellness.

AHP Staff - 2014

AHP Staff – 2014

Join us to commemorate our first 30 years and anticipate the next 30 at a range of events throughout 2014: the annual Volunteer Appreciation Party, the Pride Parade and Pride weekend events, and Art for AIDS. Our first 30th Anniversary event will be a reunion of current and former staff, clients, and supporters at the AHP Services Center on March 21 from 5:00PM to 7:00PM. Come to reconnect or deepen your connection, contribute to the HIV Story Project, make your mark on an interactive timeline, participate in other commemorative activities, and enjoy the cake and refreshments that can represent only a token of our deep appreciation for your support.

Thank you so much,

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James Dilley, MD
Executive Director
Alliance Health Project

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Lori Thoemmes, LMFT
Alliance Health Project