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  • Muni Ad On Muni Smaller

    Couples Testing Campaign on Muni

    A friend sent us a photo of our Couples Testing Campaign poster up in MUNI. So exciting to see our poster out in the world.

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  • Perspectives: Transgender Health

    This issue of Perspectives examines how transgender people have been ignored in some key areas of HIV research and service provision. It also discusses how this trend can be reversed—in part through improved methods of data collection. We will review the available research on transgender …

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  • Perspectives Supp PartnerServices 2 2012

    Perspectives: Partner Services

    Every HIV test counseling session offers opportunities for HIV prevention and improved health. Counselors talk with HIV-negative clients about ways that clients want to reduce their chances of being exposed to HIV, and with clients who test preliminary positive, or confirmed positive, about linkages to …

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  • Perspectives Supp PCC Intervention 9 2011

    Perspectives Supplement: PCC—An Effective New Testing Intervention

    HIV testing and counseling remains the cornerstone of HIV prevention in the United States. Because men who have sex with men represent 75 percent of new HIV diagnoses annually, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended annual HIV testing for MSM for many …

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  • Perspectives Sexual Health 2011

    Perspectives: Gay Men, HIV, and Sexual Health

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released data that showed that men who have sex with men in the United States are 44 times more likely than other men to contract HIV, and at least 40 times more likely than women to contract …

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