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Welcome Caitlin Andrews!

Caitlin Andrews, PsyD

Caitlin Andrews, PsyD

Caitlin Andrews learned as a child, working in her family’s restaurant in Boothbay Harbor, Maine, that what people want most is someone to listen to their story. Although Andrews is shy and reserved, her daily contact with customers nurtured her innate curiosity, the wonder of getting to know people, and hearing their unique perspectives. It seems natural then that Andrews would go on to Wellesley to study psychology, and while there, discover the power of community mental health services. (And she put her body, as well as her mind into the passion: as a senior, she ran the Boston Marathon to raise money for the Brookline Community Mental Health Center.)

Today, Andrews is a clinical psychologist at AHP, having worked with children, adolescents, and adults in community mental health, primary care, and hospital settings including Concord Hospital Family Health Center, in Concord, New Hampshire, Oakland Technical High School, LifeLong Medical Care, and Children’s Hospital and Research Center, all in Oakland.

While a student at the Wright Institute, Andrews was a clinical intern at the Alliance Health Project. The experience cemented her love of community mental health. Later, even though she enjoyed working with students, she knew that she would return to community mental health and to providing services for the people and populations she cares about. And she knew then that the place to which she wanted to return was AHP. Caitlin describes AHP as a place where, “Deeply committed people come together to help make a difference in the LGBTQ and HIV-affected communities.” For Andrews, those sentiments, affirmed in AHP’s mission statement, mean everything. We know our clients are fortunate to be seen by Caitlin, and we can already tell that she is a great addition to our team. Welcome, Caitlin Andrews.